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Rules and Regulations Empty Rules and Regulations

Post by Ivan Feofan on Fri Mar 13, 2015 7:32 pm

1. No Godmoding or putting others in threads or have them with you unless you and the player discuss it over pms or have a deep level of trust and understanding. (Without the other player's permission)

2. Be respectful to your fellow members

3. There is a minimum word count of one hundred words  per post

4. Mature content (sex scenes) MUST not go past pg-13 or ma-15 meaning no descriptive details and fade to black (For younger users and forumotion rules)

5. Creatures must follow the site's creature lore and abilities & powers must follow the abilities & power rules.

6. Admin say is final no if ands or buts

7. The hat of conspirement will be sorting the students and their decision is final and based off numerous factors. The quiz is just one part of those

8. Durmstrang on this site is more like a high school so the starting age would be around fourteen to fifteen depending on the character's birthday

9. Students MUST not make MATURE (sex) threads students under the age of 16-17 MAYBE 15 Rule four must still be followed at ALL TIMES (this is just unrealistic if you have sex under 15 with very few exceptions most don't have sex younger than that age)

10. Professors and headmasters are allowed to enter closed or private school threads without permission. prefects or heads must get permission from Ivan or Yavojn first and tell the players of the thread over private messaging to avoid issues

11. There is a limit of ten characters per member though more may be given if the member can prove they are active on all their accounts. Also it is encouraged that you establish your newest character with a couple posts before creating another

Any violations of these rules will result
First Offense a warning.
Second offense banning for a 24hrs.
Third offence banning for three days.
Any violations after this will result in permanent banning
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