Power and abilities Rules

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Power and abilities Rules Empty Power and abilities Rules

Post by Ivan Feofan on Mon Jun 20, 2016 2:04 pm

Power and abilities Rules

1. One power or ability per character

2. Powers must not be too over powering

3. Must have a weakness

4. Cannot use the power on another character unless the handler of said character that you can use it
5. Must follow all other rules that concern your character

6. certain abilities can only be learned at a certain age (ie Animagus should not be learned fully until 6th year)

7. Mind reading is prohibited as a power outside of adults who have learned (either its occlumen or leglimen) which allows it and must follow the restraints of what is allowed oocly or given in posts

8. Seers must be admin approved

9. Parselmouths are only those who inherit it by sltyehrin bloodline which must be discussed with an admin
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