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Post by Hecate Lam on Wed Jun 22, 2016 4:36 pm

Face Claim
the following are the face claims. there is no +/- rule pertaining for face claims as a face claim might be used when they were a certain age or if there's only so many resources you could find at a certain age, the face claim just makes sense, etc. just be realistic though as 45 year old johnny depp can't pass as a student. face claims of all sorts are allowed just as long as they have pictures safe for work. just make sure to only use those who haven't asked for their photos not to be used and are well-known in some way or another; basically, don't use pictures of somebody in your neighborhood nor mutual friends on facebook. if your character's membergroup is more than one word, you simply write as though its one word like: ministerofmagic. reservations last for two weeks before needing to renew it.
face claim is reserved for alias until mm/dd/yy
face claim is reserved for alias until mm/dd/yy
face claim is reserved for alias until mm/dd/yy
face claim is reserved for alias until mm/dd/yy

To Claim a Face:
[code]<a href="PROFILE"><div id="USERGROUP"><div class="faceclaimlink">FACE CLAIM</div></div></a>[/code]

To Reserve a Face:
[code]<strong>face claim</strong> is reserved for <strong>alias</strong> until <strong>mm/dd/yy</strong>[/code]

Face Claim Tumblr_n849b5D4CI1qjp8d7o1_500
Hecate Lam
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character age :
too old
occupation :
blood status :
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alias :
faction :
sexual orientation :
in a relationship with/engaged to/married to :
lyrics/quote :
I am a new breed of doll Crash helmet and halo on Jackhammer and my apron Throw my head back, sing a song I am a new breed of doll Mace you with my aerosol Tinkerbell and S&M Bumper car that has a brain Load up, load up March to the future Lipstick, I might kill you or kiss ya Baby doll gone wrong
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