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Post by Narkissos Jetson on Tue Jun 07, 2016 7:00 pm

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Narkissos Elliot Jetson

General Information

Full Name: Narkissos Elliot Jetson
Gender: Male
Birthday: January 1, 2000
Age: 19
Blood Status: Pureblood
Birth Place: Bristol, England
Nationality: British
Current Residence: Alternates between Oslo, Norway and Bath, Somerset, England (his vacation home)
Sexual Orientation: Pansexual
Loyalty: Dødens Guder
House: Slytherin (before Hogwarts was destroyed)


Family: His father's side have lived in the United Kingdom ever since the Holy Roman Empire and the invasion of the Normans while his mother's side originated from Greece. Narkissos's family always stayed neutral mainly leaning to the good in times of war although such actions had nearly gotten them killed at times, but they still uphold the idea of blood purity.

History: Born right on Y2K, many thought it'd be the end of the world, well in the Muggle world at least. Would that make him the antichrist? If he wanted to call himself one, possibly, if he knew anything about Muggles and their doomsday theories. He just happened to be the eldest of two children. That'd give him a lot of power, right? Not necessarily as once his little sister, Nemesis, was born, she got away with anything that could be imagined. That made him a bit jealous, but it wasn't anything that'd cause him to hate his own family as he still got a lot of privileges.

When he turned 11, his father got excited and told him many stories from his time at Hogwarts. His father was a Gryffindor, brave, just, and kind. When he found out about Narkissos's sorting into Slytherin, he tried to make it a positive thing by thinking that he was probably just really ambitious. All was well, right? They were wrong. In his fourth year, Narkissos overheard some housemates talking about the Dark Arts and decided to eavesdrop on their conversation and decided to try it for himself. The first time he had used dark magic, he hexed a mouse that was running through the dormitories. He realized that the magic he had just used felt good, it felt energizing. He began dabbling more and more and hasn't looked back, except to put on an act for his family. It was at that time he learned he could do anything to get whatever goal he had in mind accomplished. He later declared himself to be Voldemort's successor out of his own ego but decided to keep things on the down-low as nobody would suspect a 19 year old to lead a dark faction.



Celeb Claim: Brian Molko
Hair Color: Black
Hair Style: Short, messy
Eye Color: Blue/green
Height: 5'6
Weight: Private
Clothes Style: Gothic, androgynous, crossdressing
Special Features: N/A


Likes: Sex, makeup, Dark Arts, occult, alcohol, receiving and giving pain, dresses, black, cigarettes, lollipops, macabre, blood, getting what he wants, velvet
Dislikes: Order, Free Willy, quidditch, sports, preps, hipsters, almonds, the greater good
Strengths: Seduction, charms, hexes, styling, distracting, lying
Weaknesses: Stubborn, divination, gets frustrated easily, more added as time goes on bc this is hard oop

Patronus: Trying dark arts for the first time
Dementor: Would prefer to not say
Boggart: Abandonment
Veritaserum: Is it really a secret if it's right there to see?
Mirror of Erised: Power

Roleplay Example

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Narkissos Jetson
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Cut the deck The queens left for dead Soft and wet, scarf tied to the bed Jack is all tragic when he stands alone Feeling demonic harmonic in a no go zone You look well suited like you came to win Lust, spite and malice, your degrees of sin Cruising for pity and looking pretty as fuck Ace take your chances Queen wish you luck
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