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Post by Ivan Feofan on Tue Jun 07, 2016 5:04 pm

The following are all of the creatures on Durmstrang United along with their various characteristics.

Angels rarely have their presence grace the Earth. It is considered to be a good omen if you see one with their wings; it's a blessing from above. Due to their ability to blend in with humans, they are able to come down for many reasons, mainly to help protect mankind. They are able to fly and heal. They are also empaths, so if anyone were to help during a bad time, they might just be an angel.

They aren't born, they are created by the Devil unless approved by him. One of the most common ways is selling your soul. Although they are not immortal, they can heal themselves to an extent. Powers vary by the element that is bestowed upon them. Like for example, those bestowed under water may have the ability to breathe in water and the ability to manipulate a body of water. Demons have an hierarchy that goes from the elite, able to manipulate their way to be in the top of the social pyramid, and those far below to where they must resort to illegal doings just to survive. They are able to procreate with humans, but there isn't a guarantee about whether or not the child will also be a demon. If they are, they have abilities to a lesser extent.

Vampires are commonly known for being immortal creatures of the night, which isn't a common misconception at all. It is possible for one to potentially be out in the sun, but it'd require a bunch of sunscreen, a parasol, and many layers of clothing. Many don't find the effort worth it, so they mainly stay nocturnal when it comes to outdoor wanderings spending majority of their time indoors. The wealthy vampires are able to afford jewelry specially made to let them walk in the sun. However, such belongings are very rare to where the common vampires are unable to buy such possessions. Due to their nocturnal nature, they mainly run businesses such as nightclubs allowing them to make a living while not exposing who they are. Vampires mainly rely on blood for nutrients, however, they are able to consume some meat, mainly very rare steak. They have fangs that they can retract at will, which allows them to blend in with human beings that walk the street. Vampires are weak when it comes to Christian imagery, so they avoid churches and religious sites as much as possible, but being around those will just merely drain them of energy. A wooden stake and holy water could easily kill a vampire. Overtime, they became more resistant to garlic and is able to consume and be around it; consuming garlic can give them stomach problems, but it isn't anything major as long as the dosage isn't too much. They are able to turn people into vampires whether accidentally or purposely, which could be with or without consent, simply by sticking their fangs, which secretes a special venom used to transform others, into their neck. When one is turned to a vampire, they are asleep for 1-2 days before the changes take full effect. Vampires can also be born, mainly if the father is a vampire. Alucard, currently known as Alrek Olav, is the vampire king. There are 5 original vampire families.

Veelas are creature reminiscent of Sirens in Greek mythology. They are considered to be very beautiful, with their looks enabling them to charm humans. It is believed that they have their own magic that doesn't involve the use of a wand. Make sure to not get a Veela angry though because they can turn into a being that resembles Harpies and can launch fireballs from their hands.

Werewolves are commonly described as those infected with lycanthropy, which isn't a lie, but the way their social structure can be compared to actual wolves. They are forced to transform on a full moon, which is quite a painful process, however they are able to change at nights other than that by will, if they know how to. Werewolves always follow their alpha, the one who infected them, it is very uncommon for that to not occur. The ones that are born or cursed are pretty much lone wolves, but their instincts cause them to follow their parents. They have increased strength, can heal minor cuts, and are faster than the average human. Even though Wolfsbane is said to help keep their human mind during transformations, it is actually quite poisonous and probably won't benefit in the long run. It is possible to develop an intolerance to silver, which can burn them and is unbreakable. They become weak if they don't change in several months. There is a dominant pack known as the "alpha pack", but their position in the top can be challenged, so being the highest in rank isn't a lifelong guarantee if another pack comes along to overthrow them.
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