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Post by Hecate Lam on Mon May 30, 2016 8:24 pm

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Hecate Lam

General Information

Full Name: Hecate Lam
Gender: Female
Birthday: Estimated around April 1
Age: Too old to count
Blood Status: Pureblood
Birth Place: Unknown; thought to be around modern day Asia
Nationality: Usually says Italian; too complicated to tell to younger people
Current Residence: Rome, Italy
Sexual Orientation: Homosexual
Loyalty: N/A
House: Schools with houses weren't really a thing; mainly privately tutored


Family: Hecate is a member of one of the first vampire families; she is the second oldest daughter with an older twin, younger twin sisters, and two half-sisters. They have a high position in society with people mostly admiring and fearing them for their ability to not be brought down by various events over the centuries. As most members have been born in ancient times, the blood is very old and there are little to no members who were born more recently.

History: Hecate tends to not speak about her history; she prefers to stay mysterious so nobody could use her past to an advantage. She was born into one of the first vampire families, so Hecate always had an advantage when it came to various positions throughout her lifetime. Due to the way she had behaved and shown herself as in the earlier years of her life, many found it odd when she began acting what one could consider erratic; she was often tinkering with stuff, she was often covered in dirt, setting things on fire when bored, etc. With her luck, her behavior managed to be overshadowed by her younger half-sister, Hydra, and her various riots caused by a dormant bloodlust after experiencing a traumatizing event. Hecate decided to use that to her advantage and rob various graves to get things of value to either use and wear herself or to sell to make lots of money off them.

She began to become hungry for power and greed; she'd often lure the most vulnerable into her trap sometimes to the point of death. Hecate took solace in her strength and would often use her behavior as a mask to hide any possible hint of insecurity as a way to get things to work in her favor rather than get punished for every crime she had committed over the years often through seduction or paying authorities off. Her love of manipulation came to an advantage when she got her father to admit that her mother was having an affair with a very prestigious vampire that descended from the ruling family. She began to despise her mother for having an affair and would later move her hate onto her half-sisters when they were born. Not much is known other than Hecate's descent into madness.



Celeb Claim: Park Sun-young (Luna)
Hair Color: Naturally dark brown; keeps it blue-green
Hair Style: Bob
Eye Color: Dark brown
Height: 5'4
Weight: Nobody's business
Clothes Style: Racy, ripped up, short skirts, tank tops, etc. Tends to wear cybergoth goggles of some sort on her head.
Special Features: A tattoo of claw marks on the right side of her body


Likes: Blood, death, skulls, graverobbing, getting what she wants, violence, horror films, sex, bugs, dirt, tinkering with objects, fire, pain, sufferring, taking advantage of people, cigarettes
Dislikes: Romance, love, looking weak, her half-sisters, most people, confrontation, admitting mistakes, being made a victim
Strengths: Able to sway people to get what she wants, can detect weaknesses of others most of the time, intelligence, more iscovered through RP
Weaknesses: Gets provoked easily, selfish, cries easily when forced out of comfort zone, more discovered through RP

Patronus: Anyone that involves her getting away with crimes
Dementor: The birth of both of her half-sisters
Boggart: Being forgotten
Veritaserum: That Esmeralda and Hydra are the products of an affair
Mirror of Erised: Being adored by many

Roleplay Example

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