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Post by David Conrad on Sat Apr 25, 2015 2:50 am

David Conrad Vylhfp
David Fenrir Conrad

General Information

Full Name: David Fenrir Conrad
Gender: male
Birthday: August 16th
Age: 24
Blood Status: half blood
Birth Place: London, England.
Nationality: British, German, and Celtic
Current Residence: Berlin, Germany
Sexual Orientation: straight
Loyalty: Netural
House: Modig


Family: The conrads are an old and acient family who's orgin no one really knows. Most assume british or irish. His Mother, Rowena, his father, Robert, his Older brother Gabriel, himself, and his younger sister, Angelina are what is left of the Conrads. His parents refused to join Lord Voldemort and had instead joined the Order of the Phoenix but refused for their kids to as they did not want them injured.

History: Rowena and Robert already had a child but wanted another they tried for a year before they concevied David. His parents couldn't have been prouder than to have two little boys, but than they got an unexecpted surprise with Angelina. After she was born their main focus went to his older brother or his baby sister, so, he became invisble basically, developed MCS (Middle Child Syndrome), and got away with a lot. His parents sent him to Durmstrang, thinking it would rid him of his mischievous ways, but alas, it didn't.

David is still mischievous and quite a player, when he was 13 he fell in love with a girl named Nicole Blackstone, Nikki for short, he had fallen in deep love with her and vice versa. They were inseparable, until, their fifth year. Nikki had gotten into an accident during summer break and when David wasn't around, she had gotten into a bad car accident and died at a hospital a few days later. David never recovered.

David is an excellent martial artist but is not very good at math He graduated with high marks but is currently unemployed



Celeb Claim: Ian Somerhalder
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Hair Style: Nape length and kinda shaggy
Eye Color: pirecing blue
Height: 5'10
Weight: 150lbs
Clothes Style: casual, classy, maybe a little edgy here and there.
Special Features: has a scar from where the vampire had turned him.


Likes: Girls, partying, having fun, music, his family, driving his motorcycle
Dislikes: hurting people (but has no choice), blood, bullies, party poopers (like his brother), Voldemort and his followers.
Strengths: his family, martial arts, spells.
Weaknesses: his family, math, expressing his true feelings.

Patronus: When he and nikki went out on their first date
Dementor: When the love of his life died
Boggart: Losing his family
Veritaserum: his vampirism
Mirror of Erised: To see Nikki (the love of his life) again and to love and be loved

Roleplay Example

David was doing is usual routine, get up, kinda look for a job, than during the afternoon he would go and get himself an apple and a bottle of water and go to the gym. It wasn't a big gym, it had a few punching bags and some exercise equipment, with a big blue square in the middle that resembled a boxing ring.

Dave grabbed a punching bag and he wrapped his knuckles so they would be badly bruised and he began punching it. This was how he got all the pent up energy and occassional anger out, he was currently angry at his parents because they were getting on him about finding a job and possibly settling down with a nice girl and getting married while giving up his partying ways.

David was not going to listen to them, he was going to do what he wanted, when he wanted, and how he wanted. But he was looking for a job and would continue looking throughout the day, but decided it would be best to work and train a little before hand. He glanced as the door opened and someone walked in, he ignored them and continued using a one two three combo on the punching bag.

Have you read and understand the sites rules? [Y]
David Conrad
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