The new student ( MA strong language )

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The new student ( MA strong language ) Empty The new student ( MA strong language )

Post by Thana ShadowBane on Fri Apr 17, 2015 12:27 am

The new student ( MA strong language ) Tumblr_inline_mq0xvyuSUF1qz4rgp

Erik smirked and walked in to his friends office, " Ah, my dear Ivan. Pleasure." He said graciously , " I take it you received my letter? Good. My request my friend is rather simple. I give you my apprentice, for a period of time. You may do whatever you wish, torture her, punish her, fuck her if you so desire. I want only for her to become obedient and... Understand our cause and the Dark Lords wishes ." He said to his friend, an unearthly smile showing.

" She has grown restless, disobedient. She killed Maria and insolently tried to kill me . I want her to be watched, every day the spells on her grow weaker where they must be made stronger. We cannot have her knowing the truth my dear friend ." Erik informed his friend, and sighed as his apprentice walked in. " See what I must endure with?"

The new student ( MA strong language ) Katherine-pierce-in-american-gothic

Thana rolled her eyes and stormed into Ivan's office, " Opps I killed her... My bad. The bitch deserved everything she got. Nice to see you Aunty Ivy. Looking bitchy as ever ." Thana said and sat down lazily on a chair. " Boarding school, YAY!" She rolled her eyes, this was getting more and more pathetic by the day.

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