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Post by Thana ShadowBane on Sat Mar 28, 2015 9:59 pm

Thanayelle ShadowBane Tumblr_mk2r0tbUWG1rt1vwyo1_250
Thanayelle Jane ShadowBane

General Information

Thanayelle Jane ShadowBane
Gender Female:
Birthday October 13:
Blood Status: Pureblood:
Birthplace: Unknown.
Nationality: Irish/Australian. (Spoiler: Greek/Cuban as well)
Current Residence: Durmstrang
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
Loyalty: To be Determined.  
House: To be sorted, fifth year.


Family: ShadowBanes are a long old family. Often caught meddling in dark magics and such, The last of the current line. Erik turned to Necromancy at a young age, and by the age of thirteen had happily joined Lord Voldemort. Thanayelle however isn’t a true ShadowBane, and is the hidden daughter of Ivan Feofan’s partner. Yavojin. (Spoilers involved, so please see Yav's profile for explanations and family ties.) 

History: . Erik and Ivan have been friends for a long time and it was agreed that a daughter should be created for Erik, to have the perfect student human DNA and Pheonix DNA were mixed and meddled and created out of dark magic and test tubes.  And so Thanayelle was born, from Yav's Pheonix body and immediately placed under many dark spells to make sure she never found out her true parents. The spells never worked entirely and she knows she has parents, but doesn’t know who. Thanayelle has grown up as a Necomancy student, homeschooled until recently. Where she killed Erik’s partner, and has grown uncontrollable for her Master, Her supposed Father, Erik to control. Erik has decided to send her to Durmstrang, hoping his friend can knock, and if needed torture some sense into her so she stops being so rebellious.  



Celeb Claim: Nina Dobrev
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Hair Style: Usually Long and slightly wavy.
Eye Color: Naturally Bright Unnatural Blue, but often wears contacts.
Weight: 130 pounds
Clothes Style: Varying
Special Features: Thanayelle has a Dark Mark, and several tattoos over her body. As well as many scars, and many many things that look like Tatoos but are actually Runes. Runes that she uses in Necromancy and other things.


* Rebelling against her father and making Ivans life pure hell.
* Drawing
* Academics
* Sport
* Rune writing, though not Necromatic.
* Breaking the rules.
* Her Uncle Yavojin

* Her father and Ivan Feofan
* Rules
* Authority in any form
* Voldemort and his followers.

* Physical fighting
* Runes
* Learning
* Doing things she’s not supposed to.

* Physical contact
* Defence Against the Dark Arts.
* Patonus’s
* Dementors.

Patronus: Thana doesn’t have one.  
Dementor: Thana being forced to kill an innocent child to please her father.
Boggart: Her real parents finding her, and hating her for what she has become. Even though her parents are faceless.
Veritaserum: Thana is a healer, and has gifts of her own.
Mirror of Erised: For her real parents to love her and to know who they are.

Necromancer Form. *to be approved*

Thanayelle ShadowBane Tumblr_ly4401K3eU1r77c8do1_500

Thana's Necromatic Form, much like a vampire form. Thana, like her father can switch between her Necromatic form and she frequents it. Her appearance changing to a darker version of herself, and often gets mistaken for a vampire with the small Necromatic fangs that come with the territory of being the Necromancer she is.

Role play example.
Thana sat in class, her hair down and her tie perfectly done to make it look like she didn’t care. She excelled in almost all areas, except Defence Against the Dark Arts. Her only hope was that her Uncle of sorts, Ivan Feofan the headmaster made it Dark Arts so she wouldn’t have to try defend against what she was. A Dark Artist. She hoped to all hell that it would be something simple like casting the Crucio curse, and to her luck it was. But she was the target according to the Professor. Thana sighed and stood up, and walked to the front of the class to be an example. This wasn’t the first, second, or even third time she had felt the pain of the Crucio curse but it sure as all hell wouldn’t be the last time. She sighed, and took a deep breath, her breath coming like a soft whisper. There was never a time to be ready for the pain, you just had to take it. She watched as the Professor raised his curved wand, and waited.

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Post by Yavojn Rezez on Sat Mar 28, 2015 11:08 pm

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