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Post by Gregori Vanders on Sun Mar 22, 2015 12:30 pm

Gregori Haden Vanders Dr_hou10
Gregori Haden Vanders

General Information

Full Name: Gregori Haden Vanders
Gender: Male
Birthday: Can't remember anymore. 12/5
Age: Old enough. I stopped aging around late 60s
Blood Status: Pureblood
Birth Place: England
Nationality: English
Current Residence: It's a dangerous secret
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual with heavy asexual tendencies
Loyalty: Dødens Guder, his best friends and allies Ivan Feofan & his right hand man [name pending player creating him,]
House: (If in school write the house and your year) (If you are not in school then write what house you were in)


Family: The Salazar family has many branches of those directly descended from Salazar Slytherin. The Vanders, The Saline, The Gaunt, and the Riddles were amongst those. The direct line descendents often had children in the Slytherin household and who were gifted with the tongue of snakes. The family is born of evil and rarely has any of the families gone the path of good.

History: You don't need to know the past. What you need to know is that I found a unicorn maiden in her human form. Had my way with her. And created a powerful heir who is my pride and joy. Even now I try to keep him on the right path. A leader of the the Doden Guder's and the greatest ally of Ivan Feofan. Whatever you need to know you can learn through story. It is all kept tightly secret.



Celeb Claim:
Hair Color: See avatar
Hair Style: See avatar
Eye Color: Dark due to necromantic powers
Height: 6' 8"
Weight: 200 pounds pure toned muscle with only a 15 pound fat weight
Clothes Style: Varies but avatar or dark clothing, old fashioned or traditional attire, nobleman or regal
Special Features: Dark mark, the new dark mark, necromantic tattoos, jagged torture scars up his backside from his youth


Likes: His son, his best friends, darkness, evil, torture, necromancy, blood magic, dark ambitions, evil methods
Dislikes: De Arvakne, the ministry, the idiots who betrayed the dark lord and caused the death of his forced bride, how sweet and innocent marshal is, the good side of life
Strengths: Necromancy, dart arts, blood magic, forbidden arts, pretending he is a good man to his son
Weaknesses: His son but that isn't known, his allies, his slight insanity, patience

Patronus: The birth of his son marshal even though he was born in unicorn form, the first time he held his baby boy after forcing marshal's mother to force turn him human
Dementor: Traitors to Voldemort killing his beloved prized possession who was marshal's mother
Boggart: Other dark wizards learning about his son's existance. More importantly what his precious son truly is.
Veritaserum: How truly evil they are from marshal. the boy figured some of it out but he keeps up the loving father charade
Mirror of Erised: That is a secret you nosy children

Roleplay Example

Administer Ivan Feofan or Jules stated I could forgo this due to my posts are unable to be censored. Wink she can vouch for me. or Kris can.

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Gregori Haden Vanders Empty Re: Gregori Haden Vanders

Post by Blake Mason on Wed Mar 25, 2015 11:43 am

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