Eri Hiromi -Ryu in progress character-

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Eri Hiromi -Ryu in progress character- Empty Eri Hiromi -Ryu in progress character-

Post by Eri Hiromi on Sun Mar 22, 2015 8:47 am

Eri Hiromi -Ryu in progress character- Channing-tatum-gq-magazine-600x813
Eri Rayn Hiromi

General Information

Full Name:Eri Rayn Hiromi
Birthday:October 31
Blood Status:Muggleborn
Birth Place:Japan
Current Residence:London Britain (Strip clubs, his pimp house)
Sexual Orientation:Homosexual (made to do things with women for special clients of benedicts)
House: (If in school write the house and your year) (If you are not in school then write what house you were in)


Family: Mother
Name: Hiromi Ohio
Age: 45
Living or dead: Living
Blood status or species: Muggle
Name: Hiromi Rayn
Age: 47
Living or dead: Living
Blood status or species: Muggle

History:Not much is known about the Hiromi family. However it is known that the current heir is a drunk and an gambler hence why they had to send his only son away to pay for the debts that he was way over his head in debts to this guy and it was either his son or he reported to the feds.

Eri was brought into the custody of his pimp when he was only fourteen this was because his parents sold him in order to pay off their debts. He reluctantly went never did he know he would never know freedom again. For his pimp never would let him go.
He now spends all of his time trying to please in a sense his master. For fear that he will receive a beating like he got when he first arrived until he submitted completely to his touch and letting others touch his body for the money that he thinks is going to his family when it really is going into the back pocket of the man who bought him.


Eri Hiromi -Ryu in progress character- Channing-Tatum-10519-10
Celeb Claim:Channing Tatum
Hair Color:see above
Hair Style:varies
Eye Color:
Clothes Style:varies by night or benedicts desire
Special Features:Scars from lashes across his back and forearms

Eri is rather shy when you first meet him but when he is in a show he acts like a completely different person. Mainly because he is being paid to do so. When he is with his pimp his eyes barely leave the floor in fear that he would get hurt. He is trained to please both sexes but he prefers men mainly his pimp.

Patronus: (Their most fond memory)
Dementor: (Their worst memory)
Boggart: (What they fear the most)
Veritaserum: (What is a secret they keep?)
Mirror of Erised: (What they desire most)

Roleplay Example

Please provide an example of your role play. This example should be at least 100 words in length and can depict your character in any situation.
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