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Post by Scarlyt Abhorsen on Fri Mar 20, 2015 12:19 pm

Scarlyt Abhorsen Vampire_slayer_by_valentinakallias-d32afpo
Scarlyt Pandora Abhorsen

General Information

Full Name: Scarlyt Pandora Abhorsen
Gender: Female
Birthday: 30th December
Age: 11
Blood Status: Pureblood
Birth Place: Scandinavia
Nationality: Swedish
Current Residence: Scandinavia
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Loyalty: Loyal to no one yet but is Chaotic Evil.
House: (If in school write the house and your year) (If you are not in school then write what house you were in)


Family: The Abhorsen family were ancient warriors that guarded Kings and Queens. They were like savage animals on the battlefield, worshipping only people above them. The Gods to be exact. Scarlyt's parents are named Odin and Frigga like the Norse Gods. Having the namesake of gods were something to strive for. From the moment a newborn is able to walk and talk, they're thrust into training to be like warriors. Even when Vikings and Warriors were no longer needed, they still trained. Scarlyt's parents met on the battlefield. Frigga had rode in on a mighty horse and Odin was entranced and so was she when he took the head of someone trying to kill her. They fell in love and soon after, got married still bathed in the blood of their enemies and had Scarlyt a year later. It was a fast marriage but a perfect one and they're still going strong.
Odin is in fact a very ancient Vampire and Frigga is a demon - hence their craziness for wars and fighting of any sort. This blood mix makes Scarlyt half Demon and Half vampire. Despite their love being forbidden, they fought through it.

History: Scarlyt was born on the 30th December, the coldest night 11 years ago. Frost nipped at her toes, fingers and nose but her family knew no matter how cold, she'd survive. They were out on a battlefield once more and had no means to get back due to a blizzard and having left their wands at home; preferring weapons. Scarlyt survived and was a very strong child growing up, besting everyone in training. But not only did she grow in strength but in beauty. Many people came from everywhere to beg that they'd let their sons marry but they always refused. Being a pureblood, she knew of her magical abilities and constantly asked her parents to show her magic in hopes to perfect it as soon as possible. Her life is busy. She read and trained, drew and played music every day but never fun. It was a well kept life that no one pushed onto the girl. In fact, she wanted every second of it and begged for it when her parents wanted her to stop and relax. Scarlyt even before her 11th birthday, wanted to be the best Witch out there despite being insane.


Appearance: Thick black hair that hung to her waist, often having a large braid, smaller ones to frame her face or just a pony tail, light hazel eyes that in certain lights look a light gold, cupid bow lips, pale skin. Slim and very muscular for such a young age, tall and curvy.

Celeb Claim: Valentina Kallias
Hair Color: Black
Hair Style: Thick, down to her waist. Either braid or small ones. Sometimes a pony tail.
Eye Color: Hazel
Height: 5'7
Weight: 40kg
Clothes Style: Likes to wear leather trousers, combat boots, white shirts or red/black/white tank tops and leather jackets.
Special Features: Multiple scars on her body. Three jagged ones on her ribs and a birthmark above her heart of what looks like a paw.


Likes: Fighting, Training, Blood, books, the smell of a potions room. Loves Alchemy and Science. Mainly Ancient magic altogether.
Dislikes: Idiots, bullies, someone besting her in something, someone saying she's not good enough and being wrong.
Strengths: Her anger is oddly a strength - She fights better under the control of this emotion, intelligence, bravery and how persuasive she can be. Quick Learner.
Weaknesses: Stubbornness, can't relax, blunt and has major trust issues.

Patronus: The day Scarlyt got her dire wolf, Visenya.
Dementor: The day her grandmother died. - She was her mentor in everything as well as her parents and meant the world to Scarlyt.
Boggart: Death.
Veritaserum: She has three people in her mind; Calm, Insanity and Anger.
Mirror of Erised: To become the best Warrior, a Queen and Alchemist.

Roleplay Example

Scarlyt started down at her outfit, fiddling with the old Warrior Outfit that she always wore around her home. She placed her armour on and stared into the mirror before her. ''You don't need to fight, my dear. You have your first day of durmstrang soon. You must rest and prepare.'' Her mother informed her, rubbing Scarlyt's shoulders and placed her chapped lips against Scarlyt's forehead. ''But I do, Mother. You say I must prepare. This is preparing.'' She said, her own lips curving up into a gentle smile and her father stood beside his throne like chair, made of bones and twisted swords from the people he defeated.

 ''FIRST UP. LADY SCAR.'' Her father's voice boomed, never claiming her to be his daughter until she wins. She sprinted down to the arena, sending a cheeky wink to her family as someone slapped red paint across her face. A battle mark that looked like wolf claws had ripped open her face. ''HER FIGHTER...OX.'' The large man stepped forward, scoffing that he has to fight an 11 year old girl and she chuckled darkly, nodding that she was ready and she sprinted forward, using the wall of the arena to drop, grabbing her large sword from her back and slammed it down towards his head, unsuspecting with a might roar....The fight was over as quick as that.

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