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Jade Camille Jadeca10
Jade Elouise Camille

General Information

Full Name: Jade Elouise Camille
Gender: Female
Birthday: April 16th
Age: 11
Blood Status: Halfblood
Birth Place: Vaala, Finland
Nationality: Finish
Current Residence: Stavanger, Norway
Sexual Orientation: Bi Sexual
Loyalty: Neutral
House: (If in school write the house and your year) (If you are not in school then write what house you were in)


Jade’s parents were a pureblood young man, who she does not know, and a muggleborn woman, Michelle Camille. Jade grew up knowing about magic, though her mother refrained from telling her much about her father. When she received her invitation to attend Durmstrang, she was told about how her father was a pureblood heir who had a brief summer fling with her mother after they both graduated from school and then left in order to marry the woman that his parents had selected from him. Jade has little care for who he is, and has enjoyed her life with only her mother around.

Jade Elouise Camille was born in a small home on the outskirts of Vaala. Her mother was alone, other than a local midwife who visited her house to help her deliver her baby. When she was a year old, she and her mother moved to the Finnish capital city where the girl grew up happily and without any belief that she was missing anything.

Attending a muggle school, Jade had no idea about magic until her mother felt her old enough to keep the secret. Then, it was scarcely used around her and her small family did almost everything the muggle way. When she turned eleven, she received a letter inviting her to attend Durmstrang Institute the following school year, and she quickly set about getting ready to go.



Celeb Claim: Emma Stone
Hair Color: Red
Hair Style: Medium length, wavy
Eye Color: Green
Height: 4’ 3”
Weight: 35kg
Clothes Style: Simple, warm and colourful
Special Features: -


• Exercise - Jade like to keep fit, and runs at least once every day no matter the weather. She also takes a walk when she is feeling pressured or worried about anything.
• Writing - There is a diary kept locked away in her room, which Jade writes in most nights, and a stack of paper on her desk so that she can write letters to her friends.
• Food - Jade is always willing to try new foods, though there are a few old favourites that only her mother can cook quite right.
• People - Although more studious than outgoing, Jade does like to be around people though she is most often watching them rather than actually interacting with them.
• Potion making - Of course, her mother would never let her actually try and make any before she started at school, but she regularly watched her mother doing so. Jade has also read every book on the art that she could find in her house or persuade her mother to get hold of for her.
• Laziness - Jade is quite firm in her beliefs that if you want something done, you should do it yourself. That goes for anything from getting something to eat to persuading your mother than attending a magical school is the best thing for you.
• Filth - Not dirt, as she doesn’t mind getting a little dirty when she goes outside, but she believes that one’s living space should be clean and fresh. She will tidy up after someone if they make a mess, and she will often clean her room even when it is not dirty in the first place.
• Sugar - There is a place for sugar, and that is far away from her mouth. Jade would rather eat something salty than sweet, but mostly because it is rare that she can find something with artificial sweeteners that actually taste good.
• Assumptions - Jade believes that if someone is going to say something then they should make sure that their sources are correct and reliable. Otherwise, there is no point in saying anything at all, and that leads to her next dislike..
• Gossip - Speaking about other people is only useful if there is something that she can gain from it, and for the most part Jade has found this to be untrue. She figures that there are better things to do with her time than talk about other people’s lives.
• Eager - Jade is always eager to learn, try or do something new. Clothing, food, experiences and knowledge are all things that she absorbs. This isn’t to say that she will like everything, and occasionally will refuse to do it a second time, but she will give anything a try.
• Intelligent - From books to earnest listening, Jade is always taking in new information and storing as much of it as she can. She’s rather logical, though she would never say that she thinks she’ll be the top of her classes. She feels that experience is an extremely important thing when it comes to almost anything, and she had no experience in anything magical yet.
• Manipulative - While a mostly kind and welcoming girl, Jade is willing to manipulate to get her way if need be. She will usually try honest means, though, if she believes that there is a chance for her to succeed.
• Friendly - Jade is kind, outgoing and friendly to anybody who is polite to her. She does not, however, feel that anybody that she talks to is her friend. She is aware of the difference between polite conversation and true friendship.
• Self defence - The muggle kind, of course. Her mother sent her to various martial arts and other defence classes throughout her childhood out of concern for her daughter’s safety.
• Distrusting - While usually honest, Jade does not trust very easily and will not share anything personal until she is sure that she will not be hurt by it.
• Stubborn - Jade is particularly stubborn when she wants to do something. Nobody can talk her out of it if she had set her mind to it. She will spend endless days and nights working on something if it means a lot to her.
• Temper - Though usually calm, Jade has a point in which she will snap. Usually these are in a verbal way, but on the very rare occasion she had been known to lash out physically as well.
• Impatient - Jade always tries to be patient, but she finds it difficult to just sit around and wait when she wants something quickly. Though she refrains from pestering people, she tends to favour sending them subtle hints to what she wants.
• Diabetes - At three years old, Jade was diagnosed with Type One Diabetes. She requires an injection of insulin throughout the day, and without if for long enough she will grow weak and eventually die.

Patronus: The day that she was invited to Durmstrang.
Dementor: The death of her cat, whom she had from one to ten years old.
Boggart: That her father will find her and try to take her away, or that she will lose her mother.
Veritaserum: That she wants to meet her father, if only to tell him that she feels nothing for him, not even resent.
Mirror of Erised: The chance to become a Potioneer.

Roleplay Example

Jade chewed on her lip as she went over her plan once again. She knew that she had to get this reluctance of her mother’s out of the way as soon as possible so that she could begin preparations for school. Unfortunately, she didn’t get her stubbornness from nowhere, and her mother was very set on the fact that Jade should continue attending the private school that she had selected for her in the muggle world.

Though she understood her mother’s concerns, she believed that she wanted to experience the magical world as well, so that she could make an informed decision about what she wanted to do later in life. So, with her face now set into a firm expression, she opened the door to her mother’s office and began. “Mum? I know you’re just worried for me, but...”
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