A Half-Brother

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A Half-Brother Empty A Half-Brother

Post by Carmen Santiago on Wed Mar 18, 2015 8:07 am

Name: William Santiago
Celeb Claim: Sean O'Donnell
Age: 15
Job: He should be student. At first was Hog but now is Durm.
Seeking?: Half-Brother (same father, different mothers).
Important Information: Well his history is up to youm expect he tried to get contact with his half sister Carmen(my charrie) in start of his last school year but Carmen pushed him awat. She doesn't wanna know him and can't trust him. Well now Will might try to find Carmen and might try to get her trust. (It can be just fathers orders too to get close to her).

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A Half-Brother Empty Re: A Half-Brother

Post by Yavojn Rezez on Wed Mar 18, 2015 9:06 pm

lAdministration is going to be temporarily locking this topic. I will unlock it once the staff has come to an administrative decision on allowing an exception to the rule for someone to claim this. Per rules students must be a first year and active. Smile

You have done nothing wrong Kissu I promise. We are merely following our own rules LOL Smile

I appreciate your understanding and we shall come to a decision as quickly as possible. ^^ So for now Kissu please npc your half brother. Smile


Administrator Yavojn Rezez ^_^
Yavojn Rezez
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