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Post by Joshua Ellis on Tue Mar 17, 2015 11:32 pm

Joshua Ellis (WIP) Alexander-koch

General Information

Full Name: Joshua Nathaniel Ellis
Gender: Male
Birthday: February 4th
Age: 16
Blood Status: Pure
Birth Place: Swansea, Wales
Nationality: Welsh
Current Residence:
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Loyalty: ----
House: ----


Jenna Ellis - Mother, 45, Obliviator
Ezekiel Ellis - Father, Mazoologist
Eliza Ellis - Sister, 22, unemployed
Jordan Ellis - Brother, 19, Wand Maker Apprentice

History: (Please describe your characters important events here. From birth and until now!)



Celeb Claim: Alexander Koch
Hair Color: Dark brown, slightly wavy
Hair Style: He just gets out of bed, really
Eye Color: Dark brown
Height: 5'10''
Weight: 150 lbs
Clothes Style: Casual, with the occasional formal wear for special events
Special Features: Goofy smile



Patronus: A white rabbit
Dementor: (Their worst memory)
Boggart: Spiders, cotton tips, and closed spaces.
Veritaserum: (What is a secret they keep?)
Mirror of Erised: He isn't sure. He knows what he doesn't want, though.

Roleplay Example

This is a post from another site, from another character Very Happy


Oliver had spent some time looking at exchange programs at Hogwarts, he just hadn't told his parents while he was at school. He'd worked extra hard to achieve good marks, and to learn a bit about other countries and their language. basic stuff. He'd applied for school in Brazil, Norway, Russia and the U.S., but he'd only been invited to join the Norwegian and Russian schools. Apparently, Ollie's grades weren't good enough for the U.S. despite the fact that he'd gotten Es on most of them, and a few Os, with As on the remaining ones. Well, he did have a Poor mark in Divination, but then again, that was a silly subject. Maybe Americans were more into that stuff. Nevertheless, Oliver was excited to have been accepted into such wonderful countries, but he had to choose where he would spend a year studying. The end of his school term at Hogwarts was spent deciding, and he finally sent his letter back to Durmstrang, in Norway. Having worked for a bit at the Three Broomsticks was a great idea, as Ollie had saved up enough for some expenses while at Norway. He just needed his parents to pay for the trip.

Telling them had been harder than he'd expected. It was heartbreaking to see his mother's face when he'd showed them the letters, and more so when he'd explained that he already had everything planned out. Even without their permission. Matthew had been the worst, maybe, because he had taken the childish way of giving Ollie the silent treatment. His brother wasn't talking to him. And, as much as Oliver hated to admit it, he missed his annoying voice. Matthew yelling things about fire and Ariadne and how much he didn't like a class or something unimportant like that...Oliver missed it. In fact, Matthew would probably be the only reason he could decide to change his mind. But, no, he was doing this for himself. He wanted to learn new things and meet new people and travel and see places he'd never thought he'd able to see. So, the Bennett family sat at TGI Friday's in Oslo, having taken a trip there to see Oliver off. His father had taken him to buy his school books and uniform and other necessary supplies, and it was strangely uncomfortable to not have Matthew tagging behind him at a bookstore or complaining about something, because he'd refused to accompany him to buy his supplies.

Naturally, Ollie had ordered everything he could on the menu, and was talking about how wonderful Oslo was, about how amazing this experience would be. Putting Matthew aside, Oliver was insanely excited about this opportunity. He'd said goodbye to his friends already, but he'd refused to say goodbye to Victoria in person. He'd asked her out already, and she had not stayed true to her word. Heartbreak was miserable, but Ollie had to put up with it. It was life, or so his father had said. He had called her, once, but Victoria wasn't home so her mother had answered the phone and Ollie had simply left a message to tell her that he would miss her and that he hoped her last year was as amazing as it could be. If anything, he would miss her the most. Right after his brother, of course. "We should head to the ship, Oliver." His father said as Ollie finished his food, "It's getting late and you can't miss it." There was a bit of an awkward silence before he continued, "Would you like to come with us, Matthew?" Ollie's eyes instantly turned to his brother, surprisingly wanting him to come. Damn, Ollie would take Matthew to Durmstrang with him if he could.
Joshua Ellis
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