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Post by Ace Halstein on Tue Mar 17, 2015 5:40 pm

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Ace Jacob Halstein

General Information

Full Name: Ace Jacob Halstein
Gender: Male
Birthday: February 29
Age: 20
Blood Status: Muggleborn/ turned vampire
Birth Place: London England
Nationality: British/Norwegian
Current Residence: Oslo Norway
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Loyalty: neutral
House: Lojal


Family: The Halstein's were a perfect normal family and never tried to do anything that would cause trouble. Eric Halstein met his wife Victoria when he was just eighteen they immediately hit it off and married a year after. Ace was conceived during their honeymoon. When he stared to be able to do things that no one could explain they pulled him out of school and tried to control him. Another shock came to the perfectly normal family when Ace received a letter from a very odd place Hogwarts.

Eric Halstein
Age: 45
Occupation: Reporter

Victoria Anne Halstien
Age: 45
Occupation: Model  

History: Ace knew nothing about wizards or that he had magic until he was eleven when he received a letter to a strange school. Though he only attended Hogwarts for a couple years before it was destroyed because of his blood purity he was transferred to Beauxbatons. Though then again he watched his school burn to the ground and being only one known school left he was sent to Durmstrang.

At Durmstrang he was treated like dirt no one liked him he was just a dirty mudblood that did not belong in the school. He endured more beatings then he could count. He graduated with owls in all of his subjects. Though his beatings did not stop after he graduated in fact during his traveling he was caught by a couple evil wizards and they chained him up and kept him for several years. Where he was beat up to a pulse. Ace never knew how he finally managed to escape all he knows was that one of his captors was either a vampire himself or used one to turn him as for the last year that he was in captivity he was turned and has constant blood llust though he has managed to finally get it under control with potions and some self control that he forced himself to do.



Celeb Claim: Stephan Amell
Hair Color: Blonde
Hair Style: Short and spiked
Eye Color: Bright blue (Though now looks grey)
Height: 6'
Weight: 120lbs
Clothes Style: Jeans and long sleeve shirts (to cover his scars)
Special Features: scars cover 90% of his body


Likes: Freedom, being alive, a stiff drink, blood
Dislikes: Pureblood snobs, whips or any weapons magical or other wise, not being in control of his senses (cravings for blood)
Strengths: Perseverance, humility, loyalty
Weaknesses: chains, alcohol, a pretty face

Patronus:  Escaping his tortures
Dementor:  Being tortured until near death
Boggart:  Being caught again
Veritaserum: He will protect those that he care about no matter what.
Mirror of Erised: A world where evil does not exist

Roleplay Example

Ace went out with his arms across his chest he needed to find his next meal not knowing exactly where that would be. He went to a bar and waited around for someone to make a mistake. Finally spotting a man walk out back he follow quietly after him. When he was a couple feet away he jumped him and drank him dry not being able to stop himself. He then wiped his mouth and hid the body quickly before he went back into the bar and walked over to the bartender and ordered a drink slipping a couple drops of blood from a vial into it secretly.[/u]

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