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Son Of Jack Frost : Paco Frost  Empty Son Of Jack Frost : Paco Frost

Post by Paco Frost on Mon Mar 16, 2015 11:13 pm

Son Of Jack Frost : Paco Frost  ___Timeless___by_Lasaro-1
*have permission from Ivan to use the anime picture for him*
Pack Frost

General Information

Full Name:Paco Frost
Birthday:Unknown ~ ??? winter sign
Age:whatever you accuse him of he doesn't know...forever childlike. Although by his race he is an adult whoever will forever remain childlike
Blood Status:Pureblood ~ Isu
Birth Place:North Pole
Nationality:North Pole area...thereabouts
Current Residence:Gospel Safe Haven Sanctuary
Sexual Orientation:demisexual
Loyalty:Yavojn, no one else
House: n/a


Family: Mother
Name: Unknown
Age: Unknown
Living or dead: melted?
Blood status or species: Pureblood ~ Isu

Father ~ abandoned or could care less
Name: Jack Frost
Age: Ageless
Living or dead: Living...technically
Blood status or species: Isu ~ Soul Of Winter Frost

Name: Yavojn Rezez
Age: around 20ish in human
relation: Father/Mother depending on circumstances and day
Living or dead: Living
blood status or species: Pureblood ~ Rainbow Phoenix

History: Is child of Jack Frost. The soul of winter frost. You know the whole jack frost is nipping on your nose shibang. This kid doesn't look like ice and melt. He is still descended from THE jack frost. He was descended from jack frost and got lost many years ago.

One day when he was being attacked by deatheaters a man named Yavojn intervened. The man saved him and shielded him quite literally with his own body. He took a brutal beating which left him near death. he'd cried icy tears when the man was hit with physical and magical blows alike to protect him. He looks up to the man and thinks of him as family. Though it bounces daily between father and mother with how Yavojn is.

Other than that not much is known about him except he has been one of the denizens of Gospel Safe Haven Sanctuary since shortly after its creation...though he loves to play the piano, organ, panflute and secretly sing as well



Celeb Claim:n/a. Ivan Feofan allowed Paco to use his epicness above Razz
Hair Color:pinkish hair with blue streaks in bangs
Hair Style:see image
Eye Color: wintery frost/snow white
Height:4' 6" to 5' 2" depending how much energy he feels like excerting
*is able to take a bigger form it just exhausts him
Clothes Style:see image
Special Features: forever childlike, cold to the touch, has glistening skin like winter frost in the right conditions or lighting, frosty breath leaves his lips at times. whenever he isn't above the ground ever so slightly ice spiderveins outwards from where his feet step and most often melts, is ice cold to the touch

His personality...well it varies but usually is distant with a strange at a distance curiousity. loyal to the man he calls savior and mentally calls mother. he is not a fighter and honestly quiet gentle. He seems to have a connection with winter elements and so has a cool headed demeanor. Is sweet and kind in his own way. Is helpful when feels needs to be. He is much like jack frost deep down but takes after his mother more noticably.
Likes:winter, Yavojn, cool surroundings, snow the piano, organ, panflute, and secretly singing..,but really not much is known about him.
Dislikes:summer, heat, fire, deserts, annoying people, people taking advantage of yavojn's naivity
Strengths:Winter magic, Snow, Ice, Going frost, keeping guard at the sanctuary, taking care of Father Rezez when he has issues, playing a select group of instruments, singing...secretly
Weaknesses:Fire, showing emotions, caring about others, looking the adult he is

Patronus: meeting Father Rezez
Dementor: learning he would never grow older than looking like a child or young teen
Boggart: losing yavojn to an infidel
Veritaserum: the truth of their origins
Mirror of Erised: n/a

Roleplay Example

Paco looked at Yavojn. "You might want to get a shirt on. It seems people are moving around Father Rezez. I will go greet them." Came the icy disinterest.

He vanished in winter winds and saw Freya. He stayed in the shadows. A chilly breeze invisibly went past Freya carrying the words in a whisper. "I was wondering when you would come back to play again. I was hoping to get to play with you again prostitute lady. Kinda thoguht you were cute before." An icy indifferent yet ooo play time tone only Freya heard.

No one else would hear the words before Paco appeared out of the shadows.The temperature got chillier and chillier. Causing the muggles to move to other rooms. "Hello sir and ma'am...welcome to Gospel Safe Haven Sanctuary." He stated. Away from them as he spoke with indifferent distant ice. He looked at them. Hoping Yavojn would think to get a shirt on.
Paco Frost
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Son Of Jack Frost : Paco Frost  Empty Re: Son Of Jack Frost : Paco Frost

Post by Yavojn Rezez on Tue Mar 17, 2015 12:30 pm

Yavojn Rezez
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