Marshal Vanders : Remaining Known Slytherin Heir

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Marshal Vanders : Remaining Known Slytherin Heir Empty Marshal Vanders : Remaining Known Slytherin Heir

Post by Marshal Vanders on Mon Mar 16, 2015 11:02 pm

Marshal Vanders : Remaining Known Slytherin Heir F796e759-b98e-4baf-afa5-249104a12f1d_zps97aa039b
(unicorn horn hidden by bangs and glamour magic when in human form)
Marshal Vanders : Remaining Known Slytherin Heir Youngunicornprint
Marshal Salazar Vanders

General Information

Full Name: Marshal Salazar Vanders
Gender: Male
Birthday: Hard to say because he is still a baby unicorn but been around longer than 11 years his human form shows
Age: 11 (by human)
Blood Status: Half-blood wizard, Pureblood Unicorn
Birth Place: Forbidden Forest...far side
Nationality: English
Current Residence: Forbidden Forest...supposedly
Sexual Orientation: ???
Loyalty: Creatures...only them
House: Slang, 1st year


Family: Mother - Cereledia (pureblood unicorn)
Father - Gergori Vanders (pureblood/human) ~living

History: Marshall's mother was a unicorn who was seduced in her human form by a human male. His father fell in love with his mother and helped her raise their son. He was a rebellious child but loving despite this. He grew up learning to fight and how to use very basic magic from his father. Whereas he learned healing from his mother. When his parents were killed and his mother's horn stolen he vanished deeper into the Forbidden Forest that they lived in and on the far edges of away from Hogwarts. He stayed primarily in his unicorn form. His horn he hides with glamor and he has never let anyone in. Is a loner by nature but still in his own way is searching for that place to fit in. Over the years off and on stood on the edges of Hogwarts in human form people watching the adults then vanishing when any looked his way.

The past year before his eleventh birthday he has ventured out the forest in his human form more and more often. However when Hogwarts was destroyed and most of the forest he fled to the far edges. He doesn't remember what happened. A man came with his father and they forcefully removed him from Forbidden Forest before burning it to the ground...dropping him off unconscious to wake up with Bavo inside a new forest.



Celeb Claim: Brad Pitt
Hair Color: Blond
Hair Style: Varies but generally its long and a bit shaggy
Eye Color: Blue
Height: 4'4"
Weight: ???
Clothes Style: Whatever the centaurs give him, whatever he can find
Special Features: His nearly three inch slender unicorn horn that's hidden by several glamors.


*playing the harp or flute
*knows the Forbidden Forest from the inside out
*knows the herbs and where to found them located within the forbidden forest
*spending time inside the forest versus outside it
Dislikes:*people touching his horn
*seeing others drink unicorns blood
*others know about his other form (unicorn)
*when he seemingly forgets how to speak around beautiful females
*muggles (normal humans)
*people who drink unicorns blood
*playing the harp or flute beautiful
*shifting (to unicorn)
*glamor to hide horn (unless can see through such magic)
*living through shit that should've killed him
*healing (self) <especially with unicorn horn>
*healing (others) <especially with unicorn horn>
*detoxification (venom and poisons) <with his horn>
*immune to poisons/toxins
Weaknesses:*magic intended for use against unicorns
*Death Eaters
*beautiful females
*knows nothing of muggles or the muggle world
*social interactions with people
*arrows (to the heart)
*losing his horn (it'll grow back but make him extremely vulnerable)

Patronus: The day Bavo hatched from the spider egg and his father blessed and cursed her to age with him. Bavo is a giant spider baby but the runt...she'll be bigger than her ancestor Eragog
Dementor: When dark wizards murdered his mother and forbidden forest was also burned down
Boggart: People or evil people people learning he is unicorn...and magic-less humans
Veritaserum: Being a pureblooded unicorn
Mirror of Erised: A soul-mate and to find their unicorns bond

Roleplay Example

Marshal was getting more and more on edge. His unicorns instincts were becoming more and more on edge. The nature he had to fight to keep his promise and go to school was getting stronger and stronger. He covered his ears and pulled his knees up to his chest. Burying his face in them. Shaking as he tried to calm himself. His form twitched and shifted skittishly. Unicorn instincts were ninety percent and human at ten percent. Unicorn was rising. Suddenly his Slytherin hit but not in a bad way. Breaking a minor rule of his race he shot up and stood up.


He shouted out. His wand out and pointed out the ceiling as he cast a spell NONE of these humans would know as it was taught by his mother. Shouting it loudly.


((translation no one would know: Calm By The Unicorn Light))

A bright white creamy like the milky way in the sky light shot brightly from the wand and towards the ceiling of the room. It blossomed out and formed a rose of life and within it the tree of life. The calming spell would affect everyone in a positive manner. The rainbowish appearance to the white gave it a prism like effect. The spell began to gently embrace the people as if hugged or nuzzled by lots of unicorns or a loved ones tender embrace. A gentle yet calming voiceless song like sound would fill hearts and ears. It would cause the ENTIRE CLASS to relax, settle down and feel calm and serene. To not be on edge. It was like when touched by the horn of a unicorn or blessed by such a feeling from one. It would possibly heal injuries as it was NOT of a healing alignment nobody would be hurt. Only once ALL were calm and serene and good feeling did the spell fizzle out and fade away.

Tears in his eyes as when the spell finished he sat down and hid his face.

"Just stop it...people people don't need to fight over things...please...let's just learn..."

He said in a soft voice. Shaking as his chest rose and fell as he felt the effects of his own spell.

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Marshal Vanders : Remaining Known Slytherin Heir Empty Re: Marshal Vanders : Remaining Known Slytherin Heir

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