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Yavojn Rezez O-WILLIAM-LEVY-facebook
Father Yavojn Rezez

General Information

Full Name: Yavojn Rezez
Gender: asexual but appears male due to a higher Y then X chromosone makeup...this is due to being a generational rainbow phoneix not a carrier he takes after the attributes of the phoenix which he is.

Birthday:Feburary 15th
Age:around 20ish or so in human age appearance.
Blood Status:Pureblood but a Squib ~ phoenix
Birth Place: somewhere between greece and cuba
Nationality: Cuban/Greek ~ Daul nationality
Current Residence: Gospel Safe Haven Sanctuary ~ muggle world

Sexual Orientation:No Preference - Just wants to be loved for him
Loyalty:residents or sanctuary dwellers of Gospel Safe Haven Sanctuary, Heaven and the higher powers
House: graduated....Hogwarts (second half) & Durmstrang (first half)


Family: Since the start of his family they have been generational phoenix's. It is not every generation and does not have a set pattern. It can skip one generation or many. Happen back to back then not happen for several. Those not born as a phoenix are born pure blooded humans who carry the generational phoenix genetics.

His mother was from cuba and was the daughter of a the cuban mafioso and drug cartel king pin.

His father was a high ranking man of Greek heritage.

Their wedding combine two powerful and influential houses.
Name: Vivian Rezez
Age: 55 when killed
Living or dead: deceased ~ was killed by a weapon designed for true death to phoenix. that weapon is illegal, extremely rare and breaks after one use
Blood status or species: Pureblood  ~human but generational phoenix carrier~

Name: Jaquen Rezez
Age: 88
Living or dead: Living
Blood status or species: Pureblood ~human but generational phoenix carrier~

Name: Manuel Rezez 
Age: around 24ish in human appearance
relation: older brother
Living or dead: alive...ish? deatheater
blood status or species: pureblood

Name: Thanayelle Jane Shadowbane (Rezez actually)
Age: 16
Living or Dead: Living but doesn't remember him and he can't tell her til she does.
Blood Status or species: Pureblood ~ Human whose carrier of the rainbowphoenix gene.

??? relation
Name: Paco Frost
Age: unknown accepts whatever you accuse him of
relation: refugee of Gospel Safe Haven Sanctuary
Living or dead: Living
blood status or species: Pureblood ~ Isu

History: Yavojn follows the line of purebloods from a union of cuban mafioso daughter and a high ranking Grecian male. His parents were both strong in magics yet he learned early on that he was not. His magic lay in music...bard magic. Everything else he either wasn't able to do it well or it somehow backfired. He can do things outside of bard magic extremely minorly. Usually it backfires or explodes. Seriously even when he'd do the potions correctly for example it blew up.

Thus he was bullied and called a Squib despite he was just slightly above being a true Squib. The bullying at Durmstrang was so bad that his parents worked out transfering him, despite they were disgusted and ashamed of his inability to "grasp the simplest magic concepts", to another school. He spent the rest of his years going to Hogwarts...long before it was destroyed The bullying was less there and people generally just didn't notice him.

When he graduated he went into his true passion...singing. He leads a choir on the weekends that is for troubled youths in the muggle world. Though everyone there knows and believes in magic or is able to use it some. It is a safe haven for him. He is proud of his choir yet never really socializes. During the war he stayed out of the way because as his father reminded him....he was utterly useless outside him bard magic.

Even his brother Manuel demeaned him. When things smoothed over he decided to take a chance and apply for open positions yet doubts he'll get them.



Celeb Claim: William Levy

Hair Color: see image

Hair Style: usually kept short but whenever his brother captures him it ends up long and loose/ponytailed

Eye Color:Blackish Blue
Height:5' 1"
Weight:a pre teen child weighs more XD
Clothes Style: casual or priestly

Special Features: his phoenix form...pic coming soon

*very sensitive
*Gentle Natured
*refuses to use violence even in defense of self
*vunerable due to seeking someone to accept and love him
*naive and innocent on some things
*loves to sing no matter where it is. even the shower
*works out but gets no strength or true muscle mass...just tonature
*His choir
*being always warm because of phoenix genetics
*the kindred spirit he once had (duke)
*being in shape even if not strong despite it
*being himself
*when he is treated like he is a person
*not being falsely called a squib
*Bard Magic
*Paco Frost
*trying to be something his isn't
*being called squib
*his lack of strength in other magics
*being bullied
*losing his kindred spirit...he can't remember name or face just the loss
*his family as they are his worst enemies even if intentions are supposed to be good
*being different
*being weak
*his inability to protect
*the fact he has no idea about his sexual preference
*the fact he has never had any sort of relationship interactions (none)
*Potions...they explode even when he did them right
*Flying on brooms
*Ivan Feofan...since meeting him
*his family especially manuel
*his greek mafioso and cuban cartel heritage...kept secret
Strengths:*BARD MAGIC ~ power  - when he sings his music that he is singing affects the listener. whatever type of music he sings affects the spirits and heart of the listener. (for example...uplifting, anger, happy, enlightened, sad, etc.)
*POWER OF REBIRTH  ~reborn from his body burning up into ashes in one to three days after a "death" of his body~ - SEE WEAKNESS FOR DOWNSIDE *NOTE ITS RACIAL
*helping others
Weaknesses:*WEAKENED STATE : lasts for three days after a "death" and then a rebirth of his body
-bard magic is weaker
-physically weak beyond normal standards
-all other magic so weak is technically a true squib
-Extremely vunerable

*Potions (even when done right they do a shamus BOOM)
*extremely weak in all magics
*while able to do magic, unlike a true squib, his magic is not strong enough to properly defend himself if at all
*his magic at times doesn't do what he wishes
*FIBROMYALGIA : body is super sensitive and bruises very easily. has days where even the touch of a feather feels like a weight of bricks. once in a while has days where can't move at all
*his wards are not very good or strong and at times could possibly attack him versus what he made them to do
*protecting himself is not something he knows how nor capable of doing
*no drug tolerance aka hyper sensitive to drugs and medications
*light weight for drinking
*super vunerable to other magics due to his weakness in them

Patronus: founding and running gospel safe haven sanctuary
Dementor: being killed over and over again due to the fact he comes back from the ashes
Boggart: Manuel Rezez & never being loved/accepted for him equally
Veritaserum: being a phoenix & being the heir of a cuban cartel/mafia & greek mafia
Mirror of Erised: someone to love them and accept them

Roleplay Example

Yavojn looked at Ivan. Making a face. "That was the most disgusting looking, smelling and tasting potion ever. Then again...even when I did it 100% right mine exploded." He said with a laugh. It was funny now. Then it was embarressing. Maybe it would lighten Ivan's mood a bit. He smiled still as he spoke. "The kids I work with often say that. I think everyone needs a hug now and then. You seemed to need one...so I gave you one." He flushed a bit. Rubbing his arm a bit. He stood up himself. Stretching out and wince. He felt the fibromyalgia where his body hit the door.

He looked at him. "Oh. Well I am not afraid of you burning me. In fact you don't have to worry about that either. For one if I happened to burn then it will heal over." he said with a blush. Rubbing his arm. "My phoenix fire makes me immune to fire. So you couldn't burn me as I am an entity of fire...a phoenix. I'm a rainbow phoenix." He said honestly. The male told him something like that it was only right he shared somethign equally important. Plus he oddly felt like he could trust this male.

He looked at the contraption. "Perhaps it combines both muggle and magical means?" He said puzzledly. He blinked a bit. "Well any time you need a hug. I lead a choir on sundays and every other saturday. Or I suppose you could send an owl." He pondered.

His eyes widened. "Indeed. Or they might think they were drunk fighting?" He said in almost naively hopeful way. "I do not think if they pulled out heavy artillary or big groups we'd be able to get out of here. Did they take your wand?" He asked curiously. He took ahold of the male's sleeve and pulled him until he followed the bath he'd run down. It was a straight run. He was utterly oblivious to the man's stares.

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