Durmstrang Staffing Positions

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Durmstrang Staffing Positions

Post by Ivan Feofan on Mon Mar 16, 2015 7:10 pm

If you want an instructing job or just a job in Durmstrang then fill out the following code.

Name: Last Name, First Name
Position wanted:
What will you contribute to Durmstrang:)

Durmstrang Staffing

Highmaster: Ivan Feofan
Deputy Highmaster: Reserved
Head of Klok:(Open)
Head of Lojal:(Open)
Head of Modig: Blake Mason
Head of Slange: Ivan Feofan

Arithmancy Professor: (Open)
Astronomy Professor: (Open)
Magical Creatures Professor: Blake Mason
Charms Professor: (Open)
Dark Arts Professor: Ivan Feofan
Defense Against the Dark Arts Professor:(Open)
Divination Professor: (Open)
Flying Professor: (Open)
Herbology Professor: (Open)
History of Magic Professor: (Open)
Interrogation Professor: (Open)
Poisons Professor: (Open)
Potions Professor: (Open)
Transfiguration Professor: (Open)

Durmstrang Staff
Caretaker: (Open)
Groundskeeper: (Open)
Librarian: (Open)
Detention Warden: (Open)

Student Jobs
Head Boy/Girl: (Open)
Head Boy/Girl: (Open)
Klok Prefect: (Open), (Open)
Lojal Prefect: (Open), (Open)
Mogid Prefect: (Open), (Open)
Slange Prefect: (Open), (Open)

Student Job Admin Note: Prefects are not open to first years to third years. Head boy and Head Girl are only Open to seven years and on the rarest of occasions sixth years.
character age :
occupation :
blood status :
Posts :
alias :
faction :
Guder Død
sexual orientation :

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