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General Information

Full Name: Blake Skelton Mason
Gender: Male
Birthday: October 31st
Age: 24
Blood Status: Halfblood
Birth Place: Ireland
Nationality: Irish
Current Residence: Oslo, Norway
Sexual Orientation: Homosexual
Loyalty: De Arvakne (Vigilant Ones)
Wand: 12'' Hawthorn, Dragon Heartstring



Mother: His mother is Rayna Clair. She died giving birth to her son. She was a kind and loving woman. She was bitten by a werewolf when she was on a trip with her husband. She was a muggle.

Father: His father is Dane Mason. He was killed recently in the battle at Beauxbatons He was a Halfblood. He was the leader of The Vigilant Ones and when he died it was passed on to his son.

Pet: Blake has a pet wolf name Nicodemus that he has had since it was a pup 5 years ago.

History: Blake was born in Ireland to Dane and Rayna Mason. His parents fell in love and while giving birth to Blake died. Dane was an avid advocate of The Order of the Pheonix but when Hogwarts was destroyed they moved to the only closer school which was Durmstrang where Blake finished his schooling. His father Dane was killed at the Battle of Beauxbatons when Blake was close to graduating and the mantle his father left behind was placed on him. Graduating top of his class he became the head of his former house and became the Magical Creatures professor as well.



Celeb Claim: Logan Lerman
Hair Color: Brown
Hair Style: Windswept or Short Cut
Eye Color: Blue
Height: 5'11''
Weight: 159
Clothes Style: Casual or Dress; Whatever he feels like.
Special Features: Has a dragon tattoo on his left arm and a wolf tattoo on his other.


Likes: Sunny days, strawberries and chocolate, reading, writing, researching new and existing creatures
Dislikes: Rainy days, water, fire, evil, cruel people.
Strengths: Increased strength, keen senses, honorable and trustworthy, intelligent, fast reader,
Weaknesses: Can't swim, men(sometimes he just can't help flirting), silver, and fire

Positive traits:
Intelligent - Blake made top marks in school and after he graduated spent most of his time researching for furthering his education and becoming a teacher.
Compassionate and Understanding - Blake is always willing to help others out and listen to their problems. He knows what it is like to be bullied and just likes making others feel good.
Sociable - Blake is a very friendly people person and loves mingling at parties or get togethers and likes to meet new people.
Reliable - If you give Blake something to do and want to rely on him for anything he will do it or get it done quickly.
Kind, Loving, and Loyal - He is these and more. Blake is probably the nicest guy you will ever meet and if he trusts you enough he will be loyal to you as long as you are loyal to him and do not abuse his trust and loyalty.

Negative traits:
Quick-Tempered - Although Blake is an all around great guy it doesn't take much to get on his nerves which won't be good.
Flirtatious - Blake likes men and he won't be afraid to flirt with anyone if he thinks they are good-looking.
Frank - Blake won't be afraid to let you know what is on his mind although he will keep things that are too harmful to himself.

Patronus: Becoming Head of House for Modig and becoming the Care of Magical Creatures Professor that he wanted.
Dementor: Killing his parents.
Boggart: Evil taking over and destryonging everything good.
Veritaserum: His parents were werewolves and he is one too.
Mirror of Erised: To have a family

Roleplay Example






Graduation was finally over. The day he had waited on for so long had come at last. Tonight would be their last night alive in this world. He would give them this one last night to enjoy because it would be their last. He arrived home after the graduation to his loving parents.

"Drew welcome home! We are so proud of you son! Dinner will be in a little bit so you can do whatever you want until we call you. We are making your favorite thing." Vera said laying plates on the table as Drew entered the back door. He spotted his dad and ducked into the hallway before he could say anything.

He sat in his room thinking about what he wanted to do the next day. He wanted to avoid his parents as much as he could tonight. It would make tomorrow better. He could just imagine the fear that would permeate the house when the time came.


He heard his mother calling up telling him dinner was ready. He sighed. He really didn't want to spend any unwanted time with them but he had to keep up the act if only for a little bit longer. Walking down the stairs he headed into the kitchen and smelled his favorite food. At least there was one thing he would miss but that was petty to what he would be gaining. Walking out of the kitchen and into the dining-room he sat and waited for his parents to give thanks. He had never understood religion and considered it a crutch for those who were weak. After they were done he dug into his food.

His parents talk about his dad's work which was boring. He worked at the Ministry and his mom stayed home all the time. Really boring and pathetic parents if you asked him. "So son what do you plan on doing with your life now. Will you join us in the fight for good? You have been so kind to everyone you've met lately and I am glad that you are not following those evil purebloodists. They are just idiots who do not know that times change and peace must be made with the old ways." Xavier said smiling but in a serious tone.

It was enough to make Drew sick. "I don't feel well mom and dad. I think I am going to head for bed. Maybe I will feel better tomorrow" he said pushing his half eaten plate back. He scooted his chair back and got up and headed out. His parents wished him well as he left.

Walking upstairs he thought about his parents. There was no way in hell he would be able to change their minds. They were set on what they believed and for that they must die. They could not have traitors to the cause amongst their own kind. Entering his room he got his tools ready for tomorrow. No one was expecting them to go anywhere so it would be a perfect day to kill them. Not only that but they were so careless with their wands in the house. Drew had watched them for the longest time. He got used to their habits and what they did so he knew what their daily routine was.

Slipping into bed he sat awake for a few hours. He could not find sleep easily tonight but he eventually did. Falling into a fitful sleep he had nightmares. They would find out his plan. He would be the one to die instead. So many thoughts ran through his dreams.


Drew woke pouring sweat and heart beating fast. He was wide awake now. It would be several hours before his family woke up so he went to work out in his garage. He put all his anger and fear into the workout. He would have no time for fear later.


After he was done with his workout he came inside and stripped. He looked at himself in the mirror looking at his finely toned chest and muscular arms and legs. He smiled and ran a hand through his short hair. He was the epitome of human form and he loved it. He would soon enjoy using the strength on his parents and their death. Stepping into the shower he took his time to wash the sweat and filth off of him. Soon he would be wiping the world of filth and soon enough all filth on the earth would be gone as well. He smiled as he finished his shower and got dressed in black sweatpants and a white t-shirt covered by a black hoodie. He looked at himself in the mirror again. Lifting his shirt and hoodie he flexed his abs. It felt so nice to be sexy and powerful.

Putting his clothes the way they were he walked over to his cabinet and pulled out the tools he would be using and then laid on the bed for an hour until his parents got up.


He heard his parents moving around downstairs and his heart started to beat faster. The time was at hand. He was going through with this. His parents would be dead within the next few hours. He got up and stuffed his wand in his packet and his stuff in a backpack. Walking downstairs he walked into the living-room. His parents were in the kitchen. Their wands were where they always were. Foolish people they were. He took them and stuffed them into his pack.

He pulled his wand out and walked into the kitchen where his parents were fixing breakfast. They both looked at him. His pack was unzipped a bit and he brought their wands out and right before their eyes broke them. They looked at him with shock. Words came out from them both at the same time. Jumbled into something that was amusing to him and he laughed. "What are you...Son what...What have you...done..." they said looking like scared mice. They were weak and he knew it. They were too pathetic and weak to know what was happening. "Why I am doing what I wanted to do all those years ago. To kill you. But first I will have some fun." he said and with a flick of his wand at them yelled "Impedimenta."

He watched his parents fly backwards; frozen by the spell. It was so sweet. He used the time to tie them up. His heart was beating fast and he pulled off his hoodie and his sweatpants and folded them up and placed them in his sack after he removed his tools. Dressed there in his shirt and boxers he smiled at his parents. "Now you bastards will pay for fucking with my life. You fools think that muggles and mudblood  and others not of our blood should live amongst us? They should die and your beliefs are bullshit. You will wish you were dead by the time I am done here and well you will be but not before I am done with you." he said spitting at them.

He rolled his tools out and looked at the knives he had. Sure he could use his wand but the feel of knives to him was intoxicating. He pulled one out and walked up to his father. He bent down in front of his father and plunged the knife into his abdomen. He father gasped and looked down to see blood coming from the wound as Drew pulled it out. He smiled as he saw the blood soak his father. He them moved on to his mom and stabbed her as well. They were both shocked and tried to talk but they were quickly losing blood. It helped that he had used a spell so they couldn't even say anything. He turned back to his stuff and waved his wand to clean it off. He turned back to his parents and sat down.

"See I have always hated you guys and your goody two shoes feelings. Muggles and mudbloods don't deserve to exist. They are scum and have no real use to us. If you think otherwise then you are delusional. I waited until this day for many years. I went each day tired of living this way but there was no way in hell I was going to be placed in a foster home. That would ruin my plans and I wanted to make sure I got you whenever I wanted. I would wait until I had graduated before I'd kill you. Now look at you! You guys were so weak and unprepared. For gods-sake you left your wands unprotected. It was so easy and anyone could have come in and killed you and you would not have known until too late. No matter though. Soon you will be dead." he said; watching as they slowly bled out. He watched as they slowly died. The blood continued to pour from their wounds. It took about a half hour but it was done. He saw the light going from their eyes. They had cried. Held hands. Had looked pleading at Drew but he was firm in his conviction that he was doing what was necessary. He had talked to them for most of the time but he had eventually trailed off and just watched as they died.

He stood up and just stared at them. They were dead now. There would be no bringing them back but he was perfectly fine with that. He felt empty and emotionless. It was like killing them had made him colder than he had been before. He looked at all the blood and laughed. It was messy but there was an easy solution to that. He had decided to set the place on fire. He had removed all his belongings that he had really wanted a few days before. They had never even noticed because he was almost out of the house anyways.

Walking outside he took one last look at the house. "Farewell parents. I hope you enjoyed what little life you had because It’s gone for good now. Screw you!" he yelled at the house and then waved his wand and set the house on fire. He did not look back this time. He just kept going. Later he acted the crying son when he was questioned. They found his parents in the kitchen dead in the fire. Evidently someone had broken in and burglarized his parents, killed them and then set the place on fire. After the questioning he left a smirk on his face for how foolish muggles were.
Blake Mason
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