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Post by Yavojn Rezez on Fri Mar 13, 2015 7:29 pm

Copy and paste this quizinto a private message. Once you fill it out make sure you send it to the Hat Of Conspirement so that you may get sorted. Then head to the get sorted thread once you've finished your profile and been accepted. Please submit the required information there. Soon you'll be on your way to fun in the new world.

Thanks from your administration team

[center]What is your favorite animal?

 a. Dragon
 b. Horse
 c. Hippogriff
 d. Raven

If you went for a walk and came to the edge of forest what would you do?

 a. Walk straight in
 b. Wait for someone to come and walk through it with them
 c. Find another way around
 d. Who cares about walking

What is your favorite color?

 a. Cyan
 b. Violet
 c. Gold
 d. Emerald

If you find a wallet what would you do?

 a. Try and find the owner
 b. Keep it they lost it finders keepers right
 c. Give it to the cops they will know what to do
 d. Leave it where it is

What would you rather do?

 a. Gather information on the people around you
 b. Fight in a wizard battle
 c. Hang out with your friends
 d. Read a book[/center]
Yavojn Rezez
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